The Golf Closet: Edition 1

This will be the first in a series where I spotlight (relatively) unknown golf apparel brands that can help you enhance your look on the course. I will do my best to provide honest feedback and provide links to where you can view these brands/products on your own.

Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with any golf brand. The views provided in this series will be my own, unsolicited opinions.

For this first edition, I will be talking about an apparel company called Atlas Premier. I created my own ranking system based on STYLE/LOOK, PERFORMANCE/COMFORT/FIT, AFFORDABILITY and an OVERALL SCORE. Each category’s scoring will be based on golf scoring (EAGLE = outstanding; BIRDIE = very good; PAR = average; BOGEY = below average; DOUBLE BOGEY = poor).

WHO THEY ARE: Atlas Premier is a company that prides itself on “working tirelessly to create a product line that complements a golfer’s playing style on the course, and his lifestyle off of it.” They have identified an opportunity to express individuality because of a feeling of the “me-too” environment created by the current golf attire industry. Their collection of apparel is unique and these items are designed to be worn on or off the course.

WHAT I OWN: I own two items from Atlas Premier. The first is the Atlas Premier Block Stripe Polo in blue and the second is the Atlas Premier Shoreline Snapback Hat in charcoal. When I received these two items I was initially intrigued by the logo of the brand. The simplified bobcat logo displayed prominently on the polo and hat gave me an impression of high performance and a unique style that I didn’t see anywhere else on the course. Uniqueness and style are important to me because I am a strong believer in the “look good, play good” mantra so I was excited to own something different from the normal Nike and Adidas items you find in and around the course.



I am a big fan of the AP logo and the blocking style with the stripes is very unique. The two different shades of blue complement the heather gray stripe in the middle giving this polo a contemporary look with a simple design. The one downside to this polo is when it is worn tucked in, you lose a good portion of visibility on the bottom stripe which creates an unbalanced look. The block style polo is available in five different color schemes.


This is where I was let down with this brand. I have only worn this polo on the course twice because I cannot get over how it feels while I’m playing. This could be due to the fact that the polo is a size bigger than what I normally wear but I have other polos that are the same size and perform better than this shirt. One of my biggest issues is that when you have it on, you can feel the seams of where the stripes come together and that creates a bit of a distraction and some irritation on my skin. Additionally, because the polo is a size too big, it feels like I have too much room inside the shirt. This may be a personal preference but I prefer polos that are a bit tighter through the arms and chest and then stretch when you move, which provides the freedom you need when you swing. I would give this polo a fair chance if I had the proper size but I would recommend ordering a size smaller than what you normally wear because this polo feels like it runs big.


Full disclosure, I did not pay full retail for this item. It came to me as part of a golf subscription box that provides golf apparel items to you each month for a flat fee (my subscription was three months). Currently, this polo is on sale for $49.99 and as far as golf polos are concerned, that is a very fair price (normal retail is $70). Again, if you’re interested in any of AP’s polos, I would recommend ordering a size smaller than what you normally wear, but at $49.99 I would say that is a good, but not great, value for what you’ll receive.


This polo shoots a par on my scorecard. I love the style and the price is reasonable. But the fit, which is a big factor for me, prevents me from urging you to go buy this polo immediately. Even if I had the proper size, I still believe this shirt runs big and the fact that I can feel seams on the inside of the shirt may not seem like a big deal, but golf is hard enough as it is. I shouldn’t have to be thinking about how the shirt is rubbing against me while I’m trying to get up and down for par. There are plenty of other polos available on the AP website and I am planning to try one of the others in the proper size to see how it stacks up against this particular shirt.



I LOVE this hat. The AP logo is prominently displayed on the front which gets people asking me about it on the course. There is a small red outline around the white logo which is set against the heather gray fabric and presents an opportunity to wear this hat with white, gray, red or black. It also features a flat brim which has become the modern look for golf hats and the snapback makes it a OSFA (one size fits all). This hat is available in three different color schemes but the charcoal is by far my favorite.


Big plus for the snapback feature on any hat. This gives me the freedom to adjust it as necessary and plays a big role in overall comfort. Nine out of 10 times I’m going with snapback vs. fitted for that very reason. Additionally, this hat is lightweight which is because of its makeup. It is 97% polyester and 3% spandex which ultimately leads to that light, cool feel you need on a hot summer day.


This hat came in the same subscription box with the polo so I did not pay full retail for this item either. And like the polo, the shoreline snapback is also on sale, currently listed at $25.99 (regular price: $38). Normally, $26 is more than I’d like to pay for a hat but that seems to be the going rate for headwear these days. On the flip side, the quality of this hat is high enough to justify the sale price AND the regular price so I would suggest adding this piece to your closet ASAP.


The score speaks for itself. This hat is worth the money and I highly recommend it if you prefer a contemporary look. This particular color scheme looks good with multiple options so it provides versatility and I can (and do) wear this hat off the course all the time. It’s comfortable and that is worth a lot on the course. Scoop this one up immediately.

Thanks again to all of you who continue to consume this content. I will try to continue to provide some different ideas to go along with the stories and interviews to help keep the page fresh. If you know of any stories that would be worthy of an interview, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope you enjoyed the first edition of “The Golf Closet” and as always…good hunting!



4 thoughts on “The Golf Closet: Edition 1

  1. Oh man that’s stinks. I really like that logo. Probably one of the best looking logos i’v Seen for golf. Never heard of that brand but if I would of seen that logo in the store I would of probably bought it. Nice job. Love the article keep it going.


  2. Great article Ben. Although I really dont get into apparel, I have been lately. I think that hat has an awesome logo, but I prefer fitted hats. The shirt was ok, but not my style. I sort of lean towards alligators. They seem to be a bit more comfortable and stretch with your body movements, creating smooth, comfortable swings. And that’s just my opinion. I am sure everyone has their own preferences. Right now, I’m trying to find the right shoes. But that’s another subject. Anyway, I love your articles. Keep up the good, informative work my friend.


    1. Thanks for reading Mack! Always appreciate ya. As I mentioned in the post, I’m not endorsing this brand, or any other for that matter. But the link with the polo takes you to all of their selection. They do have a few more “classic” looking designs that are awesome if you’re interested.


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